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1994 - 91m.

Dimension Pictures picked-up the franchise with this third entry and proceeded to run it into the ground. However, this entry is still a watchable B-movie sequel.

After their father is killed, two Gatlin dwelling brothers are brought to Chicago and have to try and adjust to city life. The older brother has no problems with it, but the younger is soon preaching about the corn god to his fellow students and planting some demonic corn in the abandoned factory next door. From there it leads to all sorts of murder and mayhem as "he who walks behind the rows" returns.

The best idea this sequel has going for it was setting it in an urban location and despite the fact this really isn't anything overly brilliant it is an okay timewaster with alright effects (though the "face burn" moment is cheesy and the creature fx are a tad weak), a satisfying "hedge clipper/water pipe" moment, Daniel Cerny turning in an acceptable performance in the lead (his best moment is when he smiles when comforting his new "dad") and an end slaughter that throws out a bunch of decent gore.

Directed By: James D.R. Hickox.
Written By: Dode B. Levenson.

Starring: Daniel Cerny, Ron Melendez, Michael Ensign, Jon Clair.