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2008 - 85m.

Beach volleyball seems to be natural sport to focus on in a b-movie thriller but I don't believe it has done before. By combining close-ups of hardbodied women playing their hearts out in spandex with a plot featuring an obsessed fan, writer Brett Merryman has delivered a winner. I loved the erotic thrillers of the 90s that gave Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry, and a number of other women decent careers but this is a subgenre that has lost popularity in the new millennium. When I saw this sitting in a bargain bin, it looked like a movie that should have been right from that era and I am pleased to say that it plays out exactly how it looks. Although this type of movie has not had a full resurgence, I find that a crazy obsession movie still comes out every year or so continuing the tradition of these fun timewasters.

Melissa Keller stars as Kelly Reyes, a beach volleyball star who is at the top of her game. When her biggest competitor loses her partner in an accident, Reyes is asked to team up with her rival so that they can win the championship that they have both worked towards their entire lives. In the midst of the excitement, Reyes hooks up with a sports reporter named Holden (Brian Austin Green) who turns out to be a psycho with an unknown beef with her. In between following her around and watching her take showers on secret cameras, Holden makes a number of threats on Reyes' life. She is unsuccessful in getting police protection and in true erotic thriller fashion decides to go ahead and participate in the tournament despite warnings from everyone around her. This, of course, puts everyone in danger but hey, we would not have a movie if she was sensible nor would we have the exciting final match in the climax.

This is one of those flicks that you can throw on and kick back and have some fun with. There are no deep meanings in the dialogue and no religious metaphors in the images but rather just some old-school b-movie goofiness held together by a cast who all seem to be aware of the campiness of it all. Director Hayley Cloake knows how to pace a film as she combines beach volleyball sequences with scenes of Green doing his stalking and the movie clips along very quickly. We also get some minor action in the form of a brief foot chase through the streets of the beach community and also a fight scene as the cops attempt to apprehend the villain.

I was not sure how Brian Austin Green would do as a threatening force as I only know him as David Silver on "Beverly Hills 90210" but I thought he did a decent job. It looks like all those years of putting up with Megan Fox's ego toughened him up a bit. Former swimsuit model Keller does well in the leading role and her character grows stronger due to the relationship she has with her ex-rival teammate Jen Crowe (Kayla Ewell). The two play off each other nicely and Ewell almost resembles a skinny Scarlett Johansson. Her boyfriend in the film is played by Joe Manganiello who is best known as a werewolf from "True Blood". Also look for Linden Ashby as the main cop who is helping Reyes. Action fans will recognize Ashby as Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat movie.

Overall, Impact Point is a nice throwback to one of the major subgenres in b-movies. Although there are no boobs, the beach volleyball scenes and Keller's backside in the shower should satisfy that ingredient of the b-movie mix. The attitude of this movie should bring you back to the time when the video stores were loaded with movies with a similar plotline to this that may have been repetitive but never failed to entertain. (Josh Pasnak, 7/30/17)

Directed By: Hayley Cloake.
Written By: Brett Merryman.

Starring: Brian Austin Green, Melissa Keller, Kayla Ewell, Linden Ashby.