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1997 - 92m.

Ho-hum sequel basically steps into the same plot mold as the original only with the sexes reversed as Ally Sheedy finds herself the victim of a murder plot by husband Stephen Caffrey and his lover Tracey Needham (they even use the same fish poison as the original) only for her death to be mistaken after which she returns from her grave and extracts revenge. Tim Matheson is on hand reprising his role (and helping Sheedy).

While familiarity with the original is a plus this is only a mild thriller that panders to its television limitations and suffers from having too much in common with the first one.

Not nearly as gripping with Matheson's involvement weak (meaning character wise since he also directed this) and revenge that's too little, too late.

Pretty tedious with Caffery and Needham eventually slipping into bad acting territory during the finale. Brian Libby reprises his comic relief role as the town's embalmer.

Made for cable.

Directed By: Tim Matheson.
Written By: Walter Klenhard.

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Stephen Caffrey, Tracey Needham, Tim Matheson.