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2001 - 95m.

Pretty watchable B-movie entertainment set at an escape proof top secret prison in the Antarctic (that's supposed to be for the World's worst criminals) where a construction crew drills into a pocket of hydrogen gas which has been keeping a prehystoric giant snake alive. Soon everyone at the prison starts getting attacked by our title "Boa" (much to the chagrin of high-strung warden Craig Wasson) and in comes scientist Dean Cain (who despite being top billed doesn't show up until it's a third of the way in) to investigate.

Soon Cain has to team-up with the guards and six inmates who've been shipped in early to try and stop the snake and escape the prison.

As "giant snake" movies go this is acceptable fare with decent CGI effects, okay acting (Wasson makes a good impression) and a really dopey finale (where the boa hitchhikes on a plane). Sure there's some dumb logic (like how the characters keep shooting gas pipes - despite being warned) in the script but this is much better than all the "giant monster" claptrap being cranked out by Nu Image in the past three years.

Directed By: Phillip Roth.
Written By: Terri Neish, Phillip Roth.

Starring: Dean Cain, Elizabeth Lackey, Mark Sheppard, Grand L. Bush.