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1986 - 92m.

While this is certainly one of the most bizarre ideas for a slasher movie, it's just so bland and stretched thin that it ends-up being a waste of time.

Seventeen years after seeing his father drown in the lake (after he clutches at his face and flies into the drink - which is confusing until it's explained later), a guy returns to his summer house with some friends and soon they're all getting picked-off by a killer who uses a giant fishing lure to "reel in" his victims. As if the premise isn't weak enough they proceed to try and throw out as many red herrings as possible (could it be the weird hired help? The seemingly crazy Vietnam Vet?) to try and keep you interest - and it doesn't work.

This is the first (and only) fishing based slasher movie and it's played completely unseriously (and has a mild sense of humour which works once and a while); but really there's no other way they could have played it - and what's left is neither good, nor bad; it's just sort of "there". And it reaches it's pinnacle of sloppiness in the finale where they throw out lame twists about music and "metal plates" (you'll see).

Director James Mallon went on to be one of the people responsible for the popular cult TV series Mystery Science Theatre 3000; which is kind of ironic since this movie would fit that show perfectly.

From those sultans of "quality" at Troma. (Chris Hartley, 5/26/04)

Directed By: James Mallon.
Written By: Larry Edgerton, John Galligan.

Starring: Mark Jacobs, Lisa Todd, Patrick Danz, Sara Hauser.