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1988 - 95m.

Remake of the 1958 cult classic sticks fairly close to the original's story as a meteor crash lands on the outskirts of a small town and unleashes a jello-like pink blob that's soon feasing on the townsfolk while rebel Kevin Dillon and cheerleader Shawnee Smith have to try and stop it and the government (who are responsible for creating it) is quaranteening the town.

Highly entertaining update is certainly a memorable time with a cast filled with familiar character actors, above average effects (though a few times they're only so-so), an old fashioned feeling to the proceedings and a last third that piles on plot twists, tension and cool blob deaths.

Director Chuck Russell (who did the best Nightmare On Elm Street sequel with part three) keeps this moving and piles on pleasing thrills with a awesome first appearance of the blob that shows it to be a sleak killing machine (as is proven many times with the awesome "sink drain", "phone booth" and "movie theatre" sequences) and some okay humour.

See this, it rocks.

Directed By: Chuck Russell.
Written By: Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell.

Starring: Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Donovan Leitch, Jeffrey DeMunn.