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1996 - 92m.

After a flashback that seems to be an excuse to show sex this tells of the small town of Dark Harbour who get visitors in blood poisoned Roy DuPuis and his wife Kristen Lehman who are looking into DuPuis past and with the help of drunken doctor Rutger Hauer find he's the relatives of an inbred rich clan (and their mutant offspring who live underground and like feeding on blood).

Ridiculous and crappy low-budget monster movie is loaded with muddy scripting and almost wooden acting with DuPuis faring the worst looking pale and sickly and at one point cramming a sandwich fully in his yap. This tries for eccentric characters and suspenseful moments but it's all for naught because the monsters are rubbery and unconvincing, we're given no real background story and there's some badly staged attacks in the lighthouse finale.

Throw in some bad child actors given to spouting swears like "poop" and totally pedestrian directing and you've got this piece of crap.

There's one okay jolt during the grave robbing scene and Lehman offers a nice body (but little else) but this is still embarassing to all involved including Hauer who hasn't exactly made good career choices lately.

Directed By: Peter Svatek.
Written By: Charles Adair, Dan O'Bannon, Ron Shusett.

Starring: Rutger Hauer, Roy DuPuis, Kristen Lehman, Jackie Burroughs.