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2000 - 90m.

Talk about fumbling with the ball.

Obviously made on the quick to cash-in on the surprise success of the original, this sequel stumbles quite badly and is worthy of being the flop it turned out to be in theatres.

Expanding on the "fact or fiction" rumour surrounding the original this has a group of twenty-somethings on a tour of the woods where the original "supposedly" took place only to become victims of wild drunken orgies, murder and hauntings while holed-up in their tour guides abandoned factory home.

While director/co-writer Berlinger (who's done a few acclaimed documentaries) has a strong visual sense, it's too bad this movie is a tad dull, sports so-so to poor acting and has a story that lacks cohesion for a good portion of the movie (getting even more ridiculous during the "play the tape backwards" moments).

Add in the fact there's absolutely no suspense and the Wiccan angle (and character) gets annoying; and you have a movie that really has no right to exist since the original said all this story had to say and ended on a somber enough note that it'd be more appropriate to stop there than with this junky effort.

DVD contains the "Secret Of Esrever" game in which you can see some subliminal moments the filmmakers decided to slip in the movie (and it's about as interesting as the film - which is not very).

Directed By: Joe Berlinger.
Written By: Dick Beebe, Joe Berlinger.

Starring: Kim Director, Jeffrey Donovan, Eric Leerhsen, Tristen Skyler.