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1988 - 98m.

This Troma distributed horror/comedy silliness has quite the setting (a prestigious golf course) and quite the "monster" (a murderous lawnmower); and once you realize it's a dopey homage to the original Jaws movie you can sit back and be entertained by it all.

The good introduction captures it's tongue-in-cheek slasher attitude when some teens making out in the tall grass are "mowed down" (man, that was good!) before people at a golf course start getting killed by the manical mower days before a big tournament is supposed to happen. It's up to a washed-up former golf pro turned instructor, his ex-girlfriend and a gruff ex-groundskeeper (who's obviously inspired by Quint from Jaws with his gruff personality and heavily armed van) to stop the possessed machine before the "greens" are turned "red" (another zinger! I'm on a roll!).

Filled with mildly amusing humour and playing a lot better than a lot of low-budget fare; this is competently made, has a few cool "leg chew" moments and is fun to watch. In fact, I recommend it highly to those looking for a goofy movie that doesn't attempt to insult fans of the movie it's spoofing - but rather twists it into a unserious timewaster.

Be sure to stay around after the credits to find out about the sequel! (Chris Hartley, 6/1/04)

Directed By: Thomas R. Rondinella.
Written By: William F. Pace, Thomas R. Rondinella.

Starring: Robert North, Jeremy Whelan, Victoria Scott.