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2004 - 85m.

Think From Dusk Till Dawn meets Arachnophobia and you have the idea of this second teaming of writer/director Brett Piper and the newly rejuvenated Shock-O-Rama.

At the Go-Go Saurus (a strip club complete with a giant dinosaur statue out front, how awesome is that?) things start to get out of hand when a shipment of top secret radioactive marijuana is stored in the basement. Seems the illegal contraband crates also contain a slew of bloodsucking insects who proceed to prey on the customers and strippers while doofus exterminator Rob Monkiewicz (who's hammily amusing) tries to stop them and CIA agent John P. Fedele tries to cover it up.

In the middle is fan favourite Misty Mundae as a stripper turned heroine, Julian Wells (who makes the best impression) as a mobster-like villain out to shut the club down, and the usual stable of EI Cinema's "contract players".

While this suffers from not keeping up its dopey pace and it looks a bit too cheap at times; this is still a mildly amusing horror/comedy that keeps its tongue firmly in cheek and trots out lots of silly dialogue, a few humourous moments (most involving the antics of the strippers one who dives for the pole and misses, another who falls asleep leaning on it), and decent acting all-around by the cast.

It's nothing overly special and the effects range from alright to weak, but there's enough here to make it worth a watch for fans of trashy cinema.

Visit Shock-O-Rama for more information and to order. (Chris Hartley, 8/20/04)

Directed By: Brett Piper.
Written By: Brett Piper.

Starring: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Erika Smith, Rob Monkiewicz.


Picture Ratio: Full Frame.

Picture Quality: For the budget this is quite a decent transfer and is the usual solid picture expected from EI releases.

Extras: Not a bad batch of extras here, though I would've enjoyed a commentary track. But as is, there's a trailer gallery, CKY music video for "Shock & Terror" featuring Misty Mundae, an interview with Mundae, footage of the premiere, a "camera test" scene, a featurette on the car crash sequence, and a "behind-the-scenes" featurette.