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Killer Robots

MARK 13 from Hardware

Chris: "We all walk the wibbily-wobbily walk...". Considering this was Richard Stanley's directorial debut, it's hard to imagine that he's yet to top this (or that it's not yet out on DVD!). The "urban population control" robot, Mark 13, within this grimy post-apocalyptic tale is nothing if not bad-ass - if you've ever wanted to see a robot gouge out someone's eyes, this is the movie for such a thing.

Josh: Cult director Richard Stanley's debut features the Mark 13, a robot developed by government to kill people as a form of population control. If that isn't enough, almost the entire movie takes place in the home of a female metalworker who is trapped with the killer robot and it's inventive ways of killing. Overall, a depressing but great looking flick with a seemingly unstoppable killing machine. Hardware also features Dylan McDermott, a fat pervert, and the singer of goth pioneers Fields of the Nephilim.

KILLBOTS from Chopping Mall

Chris: Everyone who's seen Jim Wynorski's fun little "security robots running rampant in a mall" B-flick remember it mostly for when one character's head is exploded by a laser beam, but the most surprising thing is that the robots, created by Robert Short, are actually pretty cool looking (if perhaps a bit awkward). I really love the movie's title, but I also liked it's original one: Killbots.

Josh: The exploding head in this flick rivals the basketball vs. Anne Ramsey scene in Deadly Friend thanks to some crazed security robots that patrol a shopping mall. This is one of b-movie king Jim Wynorski's better flicks and the robots are quite menacing as they stalk a group of young people including Kelli Maroney, John Terlesky, and Barbara Crampton. Definitely the best b-movie robots of the 80's with lasers, boobs, and a the shopping mall from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

HECTOR from Saturn 3

Chris: I was a bit hesitant at first to include this movie simply because all I really remember from it is what I saw on late night television when I was younger. However, I do remember that our cyborg buddy, "Hector", was a menacing looking, headless machine and that it took the time to fondle Farah Fawcett - which makes it okay in my books.

Josh: This is one of those flicks that I watched over and over again as a kid and features one of the cooler and more memorable large killer robots aside from Maximilian in The Black Hole. The robot is named Hector and was created by an obsessive Harvey Keitel. Hector eventually becomes malevolent and spends most of the movie stalking Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett through the space station in which they reside. He has a powerful claw for a hand and stands tall while walking around on two legs. I am surprised this has not seen a decent DVD release as I remember the effects being pretty cool and Farrah shows her stuff.

SCREAMERS from Screamers

Chris: I've always liked star Peter Weller and director Christian Duguay made a series of pretty entertaining sci-fi/horror movies up in Canada in the late 90's (including the mostly unnecessary Scanners sequels) but the real stars of the show here are the sand burrowing, razor-beaked mini robots and the many scenes of carnage they cause.

Josh: These screaming, burrowing critters were the only thing I liked about this flick. I saw this in the theatre when it came out and I was very underwhelmed overall. The thing is that when were were coming up with this list, these robots came up rather quickly. It's saying a lot when a creature from such a below-average movie can stay with you for so long. I can still hear that awful sound that these guys make.

ROBO-SPIDERS from Runaway

Chris: Even with Gene Simmons (of rock group Kiss fame) going completely over-the-top as the villain in Michael Crichton's sci-fi/thriller and even though this really isn't that great a movie, the fact our baddie uses some mean looking robot spiders (with injector needles at the front of them) warrants its inclusion here - plus it gives you a chance to see Tom Selleck try and play hero at the peak of his Magnum P.I. fame, something he did much better in High Road To China.

Josh: This movie is about robots going crazy but the most memorable are the spider-bots that are controlled by the evil Gene Simmons. Although I enjoyed this movie, this was a difficult decision as we did not want to choose two Michael Crichton flicks. These little guys only slightly edged out Yul Brynner's killer cowboy in Westworld. Runaway also features Tom Selleck, Kirstie Alley before she needed Jenny Craig, and cheesy music. A silly slice of the 80's with damn cool robots.