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Psycho Chicks

MAY from May

Chris: Lucky McKee's stunning debut film also managed to make Angela Bettis a household name to horror fans. This is definitely Bettis' movie as her performance as the quiet, friendless title character that slips further and further into insanity is top notch all the way. Her character is both disturbing and sad and it's a testament to both Bettis and McKee that this movie came out of nowhere and managed to deliver such a memorable title character that she now resides at the top of this list.

Josh: What makes this character so interesting is how sympathetic she is even though she is completely off her rocker. This is because some of us have known what it is like to be lonely and to yearn for the companionship that May desires. The difference is that we are not insane and do not go to the extremes that she goes to to connect with people. I liked May a lot through the first three quarters of this flick and although her actions were quite horrific, I felt terrible for her at the end. A powerful character from a tragic masterpiece.

PAMELA VOORHEES from Friday The 13th

Chris: This is probably the most obvious choice here but it's not without good reason. When you think of Friday The 13th movies, you're sure to think of Jason Voorhees and his iconic hockey mask. But, perhaps, the first movie offers up the more frightening killer in the form of Jason's guilt-ridden mother, Pamela. Betsy Palmer hits all the right notes of menace and motherly love and manages to take her limited screen time (she's in it for about the last twenty minutes) and make it her own.

Josh: One of the biggest twist endings in horror reveals the true killer in what would become the longest running franchise in the genre. When I think of this character, what immediately comes to minds in that grey sweater and the fact that she looks so motherly. For some reason, Mrs. Voorhees makes me think of what the Evelyn Draper character from Play Misty For Me would have ended up like if she became a mom. Mrs. Voorhees eventually loses her head but remains one of the most unlikely and often forgotten horror icons.

JANE TOPPAN from American Nightmare

Chris: Over the years Debbie Rochon has become one of the more recognizable actresses working in the independent film community and while one could argue she'll take a role in just about anything (look at her filmography on IMDB for proof of this), it's hard to argue with her performance in Jon Keeyes' American Nightmare. Rochon gets to do something she rarely does and that, my friends, is show her acting chops. In the title role here Rochon is intimidating, crazy, and (oddly) sexy.

Josh: I have always loved Debbie Rochon as she is a scream queen that is not only great looking but is also has the ability to be an excellent actress when given the opportunity. In this flick, Rochon goes completely over-the-top as a complete nutbar who listens to peoples fears on a Halloween night radio show and then acts on them. There is one scene in particular in this flick where Rochon is burying someone alive and has an animated tantrum as she is doing so that automatically gets her on this list. The rest of the movie is pretty good as well. Rochon really lets loose in this role and the result is fantastic.

TIFFANY from Bride Of Chucky

Chris: While she might be more of an enabler than outright psycho, Tiffany certainly earns a place here for two reasons: Firstly, she's psycho. Secondly, she's a freaking doll. It also helps that Jennifer Tilly lends her breathy voice to our plastic femme fatale. It's best to say that Tiffany is Chucky's Yoko Ono, but also managed to breathe some life into a franchise that was starting to get a little bit stale.

Josh: I wasn't a big fan of the Child's Play series before Tiffany came along. This character not only stole the spotlight from Chucky but also made me have this unnatural attraction to a doll. Jennifer Tilly gives this character life through the attitude that is evident in her voice that has always sounded like a doll or cartoon to me anyways. Tiffany breathed new life into a mediocre series and is probably the only time where part four of a franchise surpassed the original. It's too bad that Seed of Chucky ended up being terrible. They should have given Tiff a spinoff instead.

CHRISTINE from Christine

Chris: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And you don't want to piss Christine off! Jealous, manipulative, and five thousand pounds of pure psychosis, the title character in this Stephen King adaptation will do anything to keep her precious Arnie (Keith Gordon) to herself - even if it means knocking off a bully or two. C'mon, you didn't expect this one did you?

Josh: This is the kind of woman that you don't want to cross. No only does she influence her man and mold him into what she wants but she is also extremely jealous and anyone who gets too close to her beloved Arnie will feel her wrath. What makes Christine especially scary is that she doesn't waste time talking, she jumps right into action mode and takes care of business without and chance for reasoning. A sociopath in every sense of the word, this is one woman who really will unleash the fury of hell if scorned. And wow, what a set of headlights!