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At 24 years of age, Danny Draven, has staked a name for himself in the world of low-budget B-horror.

Originally hired on as a web designer for Full Moon Pictures (which led to jobs with other companies such as Tempe Entertainment and Rapid Heart Pictures), Danny soon became friends with J.R. Bookwalter (Tempe's "dad" figure) and did odd jobs for him on Witchouse: Blood Coven. Soon after he directed his first film, 2001's HorrorVision.

Since then he's directed three other films (Hell Asylum, Cryptz, and Deathbed), has split with Full Moon to persue his own company Darkworld Pictures and has many exciting projects lined up for the future.

And all this before hitting 30! Plus throw in his "fans first" approach to making movies, his ability to shoot with limited budget and time and his geniune enthusiasm for horror we're sure to be hearing from Danny for years to come.

We had a chance to ask Mr. Draven a few questions and here's what he had to say.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I just finished "Ghost Directing" a film for the past few months. You won't see my name on it, but that's kind of the point of Ghost Directing a film.

How did working with Stuart Gordon come about?

We talk about that a little on the Deathbed Commentary, but basically, my friend Mac Ahlberg (Director of Photography) knew Stuart and had introduced me because I told Mac I found an old master of Pit And The Pendulum in the trash a Full Moon and wanted to know if Stuart wanted it. Then we met, talked about films and what I do, then one thing led to another until finally Stuart told Charles Band he wanted me to direct/produce Deathbed, the first of a "Stuart Gordon Presents" series of film they were thinking of doing.

On most of your films there's a comedic edge, was Deathbed a concious effort to break away from tongue-in-cheek and make a more serious film?

Yes, I think so. Deathbed is very serious. It actually had a lot more to it in the original draft I agreed to direct, but a lot had to be cut out to make it happen. Including a big lesbian orgy scene. ;-}

Considering your age, it's quite a feat you have completed four films already. How did you progress through the ranks to become what you are today?

I guess it's five now going on six. Yikes! It all happens so fast. I guess for me, there really wasn't a progression through the ranks. Sure, I paid my dues and worked plenty of shit jobs, but for me I've always insisted of my position. If I want to direct I do it, and make it happen even if it's me and 2 others making some crappy 8mm flick. Jumping through the ranks at a studio has never been for me.

Favourite horror films?

Hard Question but here are a few. The Fog, The Shining, Nosferatu (1922), all of the German Expressionist horror Films, Return Of The Living Dead, and the Hellraiser series.

Any words of wisdom for the aspiring filmmaker?

Just do it. No one is just going to call you and give you money to do a movie. You have to make it happen. I did it the hard way credit cards, selling stuff, etc. But, if you're passionate about the film you make then that stuff doesn't matter.

What can we expect in the future from Danny Draven?

Much more high quality feature films from my company Darkworld Pictures. We're also going to be doing documentaries and a how-to low budget filmmaking book.

If you'd like more info on Danny, his movies and how to get them go visit Danny

Images are 2002 Danny Draven.