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2003 - 74m.

Second effort from Cinemacabre opens with a well done flashback to 1987 that has a couple killed by an underwater creature (dubbed an "Aquanoid") before jumping to sixteen years later on the Fourth of July when the title beasts return to terrorize the small island town where they killed seventeen people back in 87 with bikini-topped "environmentalist" Laura Nativo setting out to stop them while the town's mayor tries to cover it up, most people don't believe her and townsfolk start getting attacked.

This somewhat tongue-in-cheek effort is like a low-rent update of Humanoids From The Deep that has a lead actress who's cute and creature effects that are a bit silly but okay (and are thankfully shown just in quick cuts) with acting that ranges from okay to amateurish only to suffer from having a script that has slim character development (the short running time is probably why), the fact it promises more T&A than it delivers (there's undressing but it seems toned down; and one character's bikini top magically appears back on at one point) and having a really feeble finale. Plus it's hard to root for heroes who are just beach bunny enviro's who zip around town on motorized scooters (it's just too dopey for me).

Tries to be "hip" by having an entire conversation between characters that references all the "underwater" horror movies that came before it (and were usually a bit better). Not entirely useless, just passable.

Directed By: Ray Peschke.
Written By: Mark J. Gordon, Eric Spudic.

Starring: Laura Nativo, Rhoda Jordan, Edwin Craig, Ike Gingrich.