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1982 - 93m.

Therapist Dwight Schultz is new to the insane asylum. Well it's his bad luck that there's a blackout and some of the psychopaths escape. It's even worse because four of them (led by Jack Palance and including Martin Landau) have decided to terrorize him and his family.

What could've been a misfire actually rises above its ocassional silliness and the odd chaotic scene to be a competently made effort that has enough decent twists and a name cast to carry it. There's a good (if out of place) opening, a Friday The 13th in-joke, a nice throat-ripping with a garden tool and a cool scene involving a baseball bat and cleaver.

Directed By: Jack Sholder.
Written By: Jack Sholder.

Starring: Dwight Schultz, Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Donald Pleasence.